Who We Are


IT Assist is based in Houston, Texas and our highest priority is to serve the needs of our client's IT professionals to drive increased productivity and operational improvements.


We are resourceful, creative and solution-oriented and are able to come up with new and innovative approaches and the nature of our service provides results.


We draw from years of Information technology experience in project management, business and requirement analysis, design, development, architecture, production support, testing, product management and customer care.


We have an intimate familiarity with IT organizations' processes and structures and a detailed understanding of the needs of testers, developers, production support and customer care personnel.


What We Believe


Great service matters

IT Assist has a vested interest in your success and make a dedicated effort to understand your unique needs in order to provide value and deliver results. We collaboratively work and research alongside you, and we take full responsibility to deliver above and beyond what you expect.


Clients should know exactly what will result from their investment

We believe you should know up-front the value we can specifically provide your company. Our process is to perform the initial investigative work, mapping the value we can provide and supplying a detailed plan of execution so you are armed with the information necessary to decide whether IT Assist is the right fit for you.


Availability should not end when the engagement period ends

We make ourselves available to your IT personnel, even after the engagement period ends to serve as a sounding board, provide clarification, make recommendations and provide information that might be of value based on our knowledge of the group. For example, the critical point that people need our help is not necessarily during the training session, but when the information gained needs to be applied.


Our Promise


To clients willing to trust IT Assist with elevating the level of work in their IT organization, it is with excitement that we pursue this journey of service. We pursue this journey with our sights set on improving productivity in ways that, together, we could not have imagined.


We strive to

  • Help people stand outside of themselves and see what efforts can be made to remove obstacles and work more efficiently and effectively.
  • Provide support services to IT professionals that is rooted in understanding and meeting their needs.
  • Deliver solutions that allow employees to collaborate, connect and innovate.
  • Improve the way that training and knowledge transfer is developed and delivered.
  • Motivate and excite.

We promise to

  • Understand the needs of your organization and the people, and let those needs drive our solution.
  • Take responsibility for the service we provide.
  • Provide you unparalleled support.
  • Go beyond what is asked to lookout for ways to improve the situation and help you envision previously unimagined possibilities.
  • Roll up our sleeves to perform the work necessary to serve your organization.